For the first time, #TradeCentre had its own mascot and Tradey lived up to the hype of being arguably the worst mascot of all-time.  At the same time, Tradey was all kinds of entertaining, even if it wasn't the mascot anyone was hoping for.
Tradey had a very busy day that started with an autograph session.
After signing all of those autographs, Tradey was a bit hungry.  Instead of buying food, though, the mascot tried to steal it from Jeff O'Neill and that didn't end well.
That tackle did, however, spark a rivalry that we didn't know we needed.
Apparently it also sparked a crime spree from Tradey.
Depending on your definition of success, some would consider Tradey's #TradeCentre debut a success.
Most, however, wouldn't and probably don't want to see the mascot every again