In the world of sports, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. Improbabilities and even so called “miracles” are actually relatively commonplace in sports, but every once in a while there’s a moment that makes even the most grizzled sports fans go “…WHAT?!”

One of those happened under the bright lights of Sunday Night Football when the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Denver Broncos. Running a deep route, speedster Tyreek Hill appeared to have the defender beat in the end zone. Unfortunately, the under-thrown ball allowed A.J. Bouye to close the gap and help force the incompletion

…or so we thought.

As it clearly shows on replay, the tipped ball actually bounced off Hill’s hands, off Bouye’s helmet, off Hill’s facemask, shoulder, and finally ending up squeezed into his body. The ball never touched the ground, meaning that it technically should have counted as a touchdown.

What a truly unbelievable play.

It was ruled an incomplete pass on the field, and before the Chiefs saw the replay they’d already punted the ball. This immediately negates what would have been 6 points, and the Broncos ended up going into halftime with the lead.

It’s this comment for us…