As every athlete knows, hydration is an essential part of being in peak performance.

Whether it's a drink like Gatorade or simply water, athletes need it to be at their best during games.

As every hockey player knows, though, sometimes drinking from those darn water bottles on the bench isn't as easy as it sounds.

It's a simple task, but sometimes if the top of the water bottle isn't tightened properly or is broken, it can make drinking a disaster.

Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask knows all about that as he had some bad bottle luck of his own during Game 3 against the Senators.

Rask clearly looked confident going in, but that changed as soon as nearly all of the water missed his mouth.

The game itself hasn't been much better for Rask as he's allowed three goals, but luckily for him the Bruins have been equal to the task as they are tied in the second period.

Of course, if that didn't ruin your day, maybe this will:



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