Kevin Durant heard it all when he decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors and he’s backed up his move by winning back-to-back NBA Finals MVP awards.

The two-time NBA champion heads into the offseason in search of a new contract and he’s made it pretty clear he wants to return to the Warriors. Shortly after the team captured their second straight NBA title and third in four years, GM Bob Myers also made it pretty clear he plans on offering Durant anything he asks for. During the team’s championship parade on Tuesday afternoon, Myers took advantage of the large stage and used it to take a friendly jab at KD.

After being reminded that he told Durant he can have whatever he asks for, Myers was very quick to jump in saying he only said that for the media and that wasn’t actually the case. He then followed that up with an even better answer as he was reminded about making the same promise to Steph Curry before, to which he responded:

“That was different. He’s been here from the way-before days. He’s earned it.”

No one saw the shot coming, including Durant, as the entire crowd reacted accordingly.

(H/T Twitter/anthonyVslater)