When the Washington Football Team Changed their name last July, the generic name was looked at as a placeholder until the organization could find another name.

Though it seems like its simplicity actually may have won fans over.

8 months later and it appears that the team is considering keeping their name and honestly we’re on board for it.

They’re their own mascot. Their mascot is a football team! Let's just think of it on a mascot-to-mascot basis and very literally. How could they possibly not beat other teams, they’re a legit football team. A dolphin isn’t going to beat a football team. The colour brown isn’t going to beat a football team.

Do you see what we mean?

So when team president Jason Wright that fans have actually taken a liking to the name, we had to agree. It’s grown on us.

There currently isn’t a name that is in the front running to beat out the WFT name as it will remain the same until the end of the 2021 season when the permanent name would be issued prior to the 2022 season.

He touched on how the organization wants to rebrand itself while holding onto past ties within the organization and the current name holds that connection.

Though we have to agree with this football fan, we sometimes catch ourselves slipping up a bit on the acronym.

So what will it be? The Washington Red Wolves? Warriors?

If you have any suggestions on what the team should rebrand themselves, then you’re in luck! Get your submissions in before April 5th!