Ahhhhh, there it is! 18 weeks are in the rear view mirror, it's playoff time, baby!

Now that we officially know which teams are in, which teams are out, and who will be facing who, we can safely start making our grand predictions about exactly how we see these NFL playoffs shaking out. 

Luca, Eric, Hein, Jeff, Poc, and Matt each created their own unique NFL bracket where they give little explanations as to why they believe each matchup will fall as they have it. 

As you may quickly learn, there are a few fanboys in this video as Hein's Buffalo Bills, Poc's Miami Dolphins, Eric's Baltimore Ravens, and Matt's Green Bay Packers are all featured in the bracket. 

Meanwhile, Jeff and Luca -- both fans of the Denver Broncos -- don't have an allegiance present. 



Who's bracket do you like the most? Are there any takes that you agree with, or wildly disagree with? Let us know in the YouTube comment section!

If you want to take a look at how we did last season, here's the video (in which Poc almost goes perfect).



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