It is no easy task to become a faceoff specialist in pro leagues. In fact, there is only one player in the history of the NHL to have a faceoff win percentage higher than 60% (minimum 500 faceoffs taken) -- Yanic Perreault. This season, Sidney Crosby's mark of 59.3% is tops of the league. 

While skill levels vary between NHL players, we wondered what would happen if we were to implement a SIGNIFICANT talent gap between two faceoff combatants.

In other words, what would our (yes, BarDown) faceoff percentage be if we were to square off against OHLers?


Corwin, Jesse, Luca, and (to a much lesser extent) DZ put their faceoff chops on display as they battled Calum Ritchie, Beckett Sennecke, Tyler Graham, and (to a much lesser extent) goalie Carter Bickle in a 100-faceoff showdown to see what kind of percentage we could rack up. 


Alright, so as it turns out... when you significantly drop the general hockey talent level on one side of the faceoff dot, it will dramatically effect the faceoff percentage in favour of... well... the obvious. 

Highlight of the video may be Jesse dropping the mitts with yet another OHLer. That hasn't happened in, oh... like... a week. 



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