Windsor Spitfires goalie Joey Constanzo is used to stopping shots from guys like Michael Misa, Easton Cowan, and Carson Rehkopf -- also known as the next generation of the world's elite. After all, the OHL is one of the NHL's immediate pipelines. 

So how would Constanzo match up against BarDown's most elite; Jesse, Luca, and Corwin?! We needed to find out. 

Windsor is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Toronto, so the boys piled into cars and hit the 401. As part of the Spitfires' BarDown night, we got to know the players a little bit. 

One of those was Constanzo, who graciously let us rip 100 shots on him as part of our little experiment. 

The format consisted of 75 shots from the slot, 20 breakaways, and five of what DZ calls "mercy" opportunities; 2-on-0's. 



Alright so the lads didn't do too bad. 11 goals on 100 shots! Of course, it's not exactly a fair representation when the worst shot take is point-blank from the slot. Constanzo hardly had any cupcake saves here, which are a crucial part of building save percentage in an actual game. 

Special thanks to Joey and the entire Windsor Spitfires organization for hosting us on a memorable trip!