Welcome to Camp Tamakwa!

Earlier this summer, we decided to put our phones down and tuck our keyboards away and have a little fun. In order to do so, we decided to re-visit Camp Tamakwa – a summer camp that has treated us well in the past.

This time it was a little different, however. This time… it’s a competition, baby!

Jesse, Corwin, Luca, Poc, Julia, and Pigs joined host Marissa and Producer Hein to compete in the first ever BarDown Summer Games. Similar to the actual Summer Olympics, the BarDown Summer Games featured multiple events with various different scoring systems.

The events included Dock Catches, Dock Sauce, Water Tube, and a multi-skilled Camp Relay. Let’s see how the BarDownskis did!



Okay so the judging on the first event was certainly a little questionable. Jesse just rocking straight 10s for, well, basically nothing. Eric scoring high for doing a backflip and coming nowhere close to an actual catch. Whatever.

Regardless, congratulations to the champ: Eric Kirk!

We look forward to the 2nd annual BarDown Summer Games at Camp Tamakwa.