There’s nothing quite like a good old tier list.

They’re fun. They’re engaging. And boy, are they chaotic. 

So of course, we had to ask the Raptors to rank EVERYTHING. We’re talking Raptors logos, jerseys, and which league they think is the best to be a pro in!

So let’s get into it!

First up, we had the Raptors rank their favourite Raptors logo from over the years. The majority pretty much ruled that the 2002/03-2008/09 logo was a miss with the current Raptors team. We think Chris Boucher said it best, it’s giving serious prep school vibes. 

And of course, the throwback logos from 1995/96-2005/06 are certified G.O.A.T.E.D.

Next, we obviously had to follow up with an all-time Raptors jersey ranking.

Again, we had a pretty unanimous winner, the 1995-1998 jerseys stole the show. Anything throwback Raptors seems to have everybody’s hearts.

Check out the rest of the video where some absolutely wild rankings come through!