While league’s like the NFL and NBA are absolutely brimming with entertaining characters, one knock that seems to follow the NHL around is the lack of personality shown players. Anybody that’s been around the world of puck has likely seen it scrawled into some comment section at some point – “Hockey players are boring.”

While it may be true that hockey players are generally a little more watered down, at least in the public eye, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some characters. Whether it’s through their relationship with the media, the way they interact with teammates, or even their social media presence, there are a few shining stars when it comes to tickling your funny bone.

So, who’s the funniest? Well, we’ll let you make your own final subjective decision, but we have isolated 10 NHLers (as well as an honourable mentions section) that should be at least close to the top of everyone’s list.


Ryan Reaves

Ryan Reaves is definitely one of those “love him, or hate him” players, but even the biggest haters can’t deny that he’s at the very least hilarious. Reaves’ comedic personality came out on full display when he was playing with the Vegas Golden Knights, and it has undeniably carried over to his time with the Rangers.

Just look at what he’s done this week:



Part of the reason Reaves is able to joke around unabated is because literally no one can tell him not to. We’re pretty certain the guy has never backed down from dropping the gloves, so if you’re not happy with his jokes (or specifically, his chirps), you better be ready to put your money where your mouth is.



Brad Marchand

Speaking of ‘love him or hate him’ players, we now ‘love him or hate him’ poster boy Brad Marchand!

While Marchand has a knack for getting under his opponent’s skin, a knack that actually carries over into opposing fan bases, he is also a player that isn’t afraid to mix it up in the comedy ring. While he’s had a number of funny press moments, one thing that really separates Marchand from the pack is his social media presence.

Guy goes IN on people like it’s his day job.



He's also refreshingly honest, with a flare of self-deprecation mixed in there as well.



David Pastrnak

The Boston Bruins are the only team to have two players make this list, because we simply could not leave Pasta out. One of the smiliest players in the NHL is always good for a soundbite, and he’s not afraid to dress the part of class clown either.



He's also not afraid to square off on social media, as seen numerous times with Bruins teammates.



Overall, Pasta seems like he’s just a really fun guy to be around…


Brady and Matthew Tkachuk

We’re kind of cheating here, but we’re just going to lump the Tkachuk brother into one spot because they actually make each other funnier. While our subjective opinion would sit with Brady being slightly funnier, Matt is certainly not afraid to get a little zany with it.


Alex Ovechkin

Look no further than the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup summer for a seemingly unlimited amount of content featuring Ovi being hilarious. We don’t even know where to begin with this guy, everything he says seems to be hilarious.





Maybe this list is unnecessary. Maybe the answer is just simply Ovi.


Phil Kessel

Phil the Thrill isn’t necessarily hilarious because of the things that he says, it’s almost more just about who he is. From all the memes that have made the rounds, to his embrace of the hot dog label that follows him around, Phil seems more than willing to be the source of laughter. Whether it’s intentional or not!



Phil is always good for a Thrill, but Phil can also always be counted on for a laugh.


Patrik Laine

While Laine has been a little bit spotlight-shy over the past couple seasons, he first came into the league like a comedic wrecking ball. The Finnish sniper has become known for a number of funny reasons, including his love of Fortnite, his outfits, and his hilariously honest opinions on matters.



Laine is still finding his footing a bit in Columbus, but we’re sure that when his game starts clicking on all cylinders, so will his hilarity.


Marc-Andre Fleury

Possibly the league’s most likeable guy, the tendy known endearingly as “Flower” is somewhat of an elder statesman when it comes to funny NHLers. He’s been around the league a long time, and he’s always joking around, pulling pranks, and making both teammates and fans smile.



While we may not be at the top of our list when it comes to being funny, Fleury is so likeable it would be wrong not to include him. With 2022 potentially being his final seasons, we’re Flower’s long career for all we can get.


Joe Thornton

Jumbo Joe Thornton has gotten more and more hilarious as his career has gone on. As his NHL playing days mature, and as his beard greys, his quick-wit and edgy humour seem to sharpen as well.

While Thornton remains a player that just about everyone would love to see win his first Cup, there’s no doubt that the twilight of his career is upon him. He’s having fun with it!



And we can’t think of a more appropriate transition into our next player…



Brent Burns

Thornton and Burns were pretty hilarious during their time together on the San Jose Sharks, especially because of the fact that they have long been sitting side by side atop the NHL’s beard power rankings. While Jumbo has taken on the dad humour, Burnsy has been hilarious in his own right – with and without Thornton by his side.



Even the Harry Potter tattoo that's permanently etched into his thigh is pretty funny.




As promised, we’ll include a list of honourable mentions as well. While the following list of players didn’t quite crack the list, they similarly show up as usual suspects when it comes to comedy in hockey:

Keith Yandle (SOOOOONK!)

Evgeni Malkin

Nate Schmidt

Brandon Tanev

PK Subban

Pat Maroon


Just for the heck of it, let’s toss in a newcomer as well…

Trevor Zegras


So, who do you think is the funniest? Let us know @BarDown or make your pick in the story’s comment section on Facebook!

Also feel free to let us know who we missed, we’re always down to be pointed in the direction of a good laugh.