When you’re building a professional sports franchise, it’s important that you’re playing the long game. While it’s great to go all-in for one championship run from time to time, sustained success is the elusive recipe everyone is chasing.

This sort of mindset was the inspiration for our latest edition of BarDownloadable. We wanted to see whether we could simulate a team to a Stanley Cup Championship… but… in five years.

We can’t just select the best players to win a Stanley Cup in year one, we need to build a team that sustains success to win a Cup five years down the road.

Jeff and Corwin go through the selection process, trying to find contracts that work well with these parameters. The kicker; they are solely relying on their own memory of what players contracts currently sit at.

For the most part they do pretty well, but there were some surprises. *cough* Matthew Boldy *Cough*

Once their team is set, the Stockholm Sparrows take the ice.



Wow, what an absolute ride.

Some of the main challenges “CORFF” faced:


  • Not being able to offer players anything. Relying on the computer to make the right move proved to be fickle.
  • Finding long-term contracts for less than, like… $7mil
  • Matthew Boldy


Realistically, Boldy found his way when it mattered most, but nobody deserves a bigger apology than Lucas Raymond. 27 points in 20 playoff games!!!

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