If you’ve been following along with BarDown’s media day activity, you’ve probably seen players on Canadian NHL teams calling each other out by now.

In our lighthearted, fun segment “Called Out,” teammates are given the opportunity to pull back the curtain and expose some of their teammates qualities that may be a little less becoming. Whether it’s their inability to manage a fantasy football team or their unwillingness to pick up the tab, there are some pretty funny behind-the-scenes moments being called out.

This time, it was the Winnipeg Jets under the spotlight. Guys like Mason Appleton, Connor Hellebuyck, Nate Schmidt, and Adam Lowry had a fun time letting the world know which of their teammates needs to smarten up a bit!



So a few things to note:

Connor Hellbuyck definitely never picks up the bill.

Nate Schmidt loves to talk (although, we already knew that)

Adam Lowry fits into what the Jets would consider to be a “Grit Grinder”

…and Nikolaj Ehlers has skinny legs.