It’s been two weeks since the tragic bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team took place that took the lives of 16 people and left 13 others injured. One member of the team who was lucky to walk away from the tragic accident was Matthieu Gomercic from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

On Friday night, the 20-year-old was in attendance for Game 5 between the Minnesota Wild and the Winnipeg Jets and he got a massive standing ovation from the Jets faithful when they showed him on the jumbotron while there was a break during the first period of action.

It’s very nice to see Gomercic doing well since being released from the hospital last week and it’s awesome to see everyone in the arena give him a hand in the incredible standing ovation.

Hundreds of thousands of people contributed to the Humboldt Broncos' official GoFundMe page and raised over $15 million in two weeks, making it the second largest GoFundMe campaign of all-time. 

(H/T Twitter/DarrenDreger)