Edmonton Oilers forward Zack Kassian had some choice words for Jimmy Vesey after the two fell hard to the ice last Saturday in New York. 

Vesey appeared to accidentally slew-foot Kassian on an awkward play that caused both players to slip backwards. During their fall, Kassian inadvertently kicked Vesey in the face, which resulted in the latter losing a few of his front teeth; one of which was lodged into his bottom lip. Kassian didn’t appear to feel too bad for the youngster judging by the comment he made to him immediately afterwards.

The following video contains language that is not suited for a working environment.

Just hockey players being hockey players we guess?

After missing most of the second period, Vesey miraculously returned for the third in a good old classic fish bowl. He later shared a photo of the damage, and no, he did not in fact bleed out. The incident left a pretty large scar on his face, though.

The Rangers will head to Edmonton on March 3rd to take on the Oilers at Rogers Place, so we’ll have to wait and see what the two players’ next encounter will be like in the new year. Hopefully Vesey didn’t take the comment too much to heart.

(H/T Barstool Sports)