Everybody remembers when Zlatan Ibrahimovic came to the MLS. From the full page ad he took out in the LA Times to announce that he’s joining the LA Galaxy, to his ridiculous debut goal after being on the pitch for just a few minutes, Zlatan made his mark early.

After the initial bang that was his entrance into the league, he has continued to put the ball in the net. On Saturday, Zlatan and the Galaxy visited Toronto FC for an evening showdown. Down 3-0, Zlatan wasn’t about to go unheard.


Just filthy! What was his 500th club and country goal turned out to be one of his career highlights, and a candidate for his best of the year. The only other one that could be considered would be the aforementioned debut goal, that also had the added factor of anticipation being met.



He may be 36 years old, but he is still extremely dangerous as a striker. Zlatan continues to light it up on the MLS pitch, and you can be sure TFC fans will be willing to pay a little extra next time he’s in town after seeing Saturday’s beautiful spinning volley.