Ah, Timbit hockey. That glorious time between the first and second intermission (or any time really) when three-to-four foot kids attempt to prove that they too can score like their favourite pros. Spectators will occasionally witness a nice goal or one player who flashes exceptional speed. Most of the time we see little ones who can simply barely move in their skates. But does anyone on earth have a clue what the Timbits are saying on the ice?! Well, we do now.

How To Hockey's Coach Jeremy decided to mic his son up for a Timbits skate and it made for some high quality content. This little dude is pure gold!


Want more? Okay, here’s the extended version on YouTube.


Ohhhhhhh so that’s what they’re saying out there! Fans were giving rave reviews afterward on Twitter:


We’ve got to say, taking a nap mid-skate does sounds pretty nice. But you know what? These kids could use some tougher coaches. Maybe Coach McCallum and Coach Pollock could be of service?


Okay, maybe they’re a little too intense, so let’s just hope they don’t crash a Timbits game in the future...

The next time you’re taking in one of these skates, just know that all some of the kids are really looking to do is take a nap.

(H/T Coach Jeremy)