One of the most unique things about Canada is the sheer size of it. The 2nd largest country in the world, there is a lot of ground to cover between East coast and West, and from the North to the South border. Within all that land, there are many different walks of life as well.

That means different dialects, and different slang. When it comes to dialect and slang, at least in the English part of Canada, there’s nowhere quite as unique as Newfoundland.

“Newfies” are proud people with a very unique way of speaking. To the untrained ear, it may even not even sound like English. It doesn’t make it any easier that even when it is English, it’s slang you’ve never heard before.

To help us out with understanding the slang, Dawson Mercer and Alex Newhook took a moment out of their World Juniors experience to help out the rest of the country.

Whaddya At B’i?

Fly Dope?

Ya got ‘er scald?

Now you know, next up is a lesson on Screech!