Remember when everyone was captioning their photos “name a better duo, we’ll wait”?

We might have found the absolute perfect embodiment of that statement.

Ahead of Game Five of the the Stanley Cup Final series between the Bruins and the Blues, the Bruins had a very iconic duo in the house to wave the fan banner.



Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson were on hand at TD Garden, and waved the fan banner with Special Olympics athlete Missie Kennedy.

If you know anything about the Stanley Cup Finals and this duo versus the St. Louis Blues, you’ll know why just the sight of them at the Finals would make Blues fans a little nauseous.  

The last time these two teams met up in the finals? 

It ended a little like this.


No big deal, just one of the most iconic hockey moments of all time.

We’ll see if having this magical duo in the stands on home ice will provide any inspiration for the Big Bad B’s. This shouldn’t be hard, seeing as the Bruins are are already rallying around their captain, who is dropping jaws around the league by playing with a broken one of his own.

The Blues are playing with a chip in their shoulder, too, though, after climbing all the way up in the standings from the basement this year. 

It really is anyone’s Cup at this point.

(H/T: Boston Bruins)