One of the best parts about being a goalie is customizing your pads, glove, blocker, and mask.

We're a big believer in the "you look good, you play good" philosophy that is completely unproven and there are a bunch of NHL goalies that definitely will look good in their new gear for the upcoming season.

Canucks goalie Anders Nilson is in that group of goalies thanks to the all-blue look he's going with.

Here's a much better look at Nilsson's stellar pads that have the perfect hint of green.



New season, new gear & new design.

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When the pads are together, the green makes a "V" which is also an incredible detail.

If Nilsson is called upon this season for the Canucks, one thing is certain, he'll look solid in net, but Canucks fans are hoping his play will also be solid and his career numbers suggest it should be.

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(H/T: Anders Nilsson)