In today’s day in age, we’ve gotten so used to buying things online that when we make a purchase, we don’t think twice about the content arriving being different than what we thought we ordered. In rare cases, however, an order gets mixed up and we’re forced to send it back.

A Chicago Blackhawks’ fan (reddit user friskydonut’s friend) was making a jersey purchase online recently, and had a jersey he probably wasn’t pleased with receiving arrive in the mail.

The Blackhawks’ logo was completely upside-down on the jersey, and he does not look pleased with it:

Embedded Image

From the looks of the jersey, it appears to be a counterfeit, so we’re going to blame that.

We actually kind of like it when jersey’s come with unusual characteristics about them. But at the end of the day, if you’re ordering a specific jersey, it should probably arrive the way you ordered it.


(H/T r/hockey)