Jon Jones made the most of his return to the octagon a couple of weeks ago at UFC 214 as he defeated Daniel Cormier to recapture the UFC Light Heavyweight title.


#JonJones beats #DanielCormier to recapture the #UFC light heavyweight title at #UFC214 (📷: @sportscenter)

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Jones earned the victory via a knockout in the third round and it was pretty brutal.

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Footage from above the octagon showed Cormier trying to gather his thoughts and figure out what just happened to him after the match had ended and he also attempted to make his way back to the centre of the octagon to continue the fight, clearly unaware that he had just lost.

Despite doing an interview with Joe Rogan in the octagon after the fight, it turns out Cormier was completely out of it. In a recent interview with The MMA Hour, Cormier revealed that he blacked out for about 10 minutes after the fight.

"I'm still missing time. I don't remember any of that. I don't remember leaving the Octagon. I'm missing probably 10 minutes. I mean, if I can't remember 10 minutes, I'm pretty sure I had a concussion. I just don't recall those 10 minutes and I'm not exactly sure that I'm ever going to get that time back."

Clearly these guys know what they’re in for everytime they step inside the octagon, but it’s always scary to see someone get injured to the point where they don’t even remember part of their own life or what happened during that time.

Cormier owns a professional record of 19-2, with both losses coming courtesy of Jones, but hopefully that wasn’t the last time we see Cormier inside the octagon as a fighter.

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