Alex Ovechkin has faced a lot of criticism throughout this career due to the fact that the Washington Capitals had never made it past the second round of the NHL playoffs until this year. Now, the 32-year-old has his Caps up 3-1 in the Stanley Cup Final and are just one victory away from the first title in franchise history.

Ahead of Game 5 on Thursday night, Ovi skated over the red line at centre ice and got a little too close to Marc-Andre Fleury for the Golden Knights’ goalie’s liking. As a result, Fleury decided to skate after Ovi as the Capitals captain made his way back into his own zone.

Although the two have had some fun throughout the series during the warm-ups, Fleury was not happy about the encounter on Thursday night and made a point to give Ovechkin a whack across the legs the next time they met at centre ice.

Ovi clearly was looking to get Fleury out of the zone and it seemed to work.

(H/T Twitter/nhlgifs)