The "which sport has the toughest players" debate is one of those that will never end because everyone has a different opinion on it.

Plus, some fans and athletes who play and enjoy a certain sport may be a little bias, so you're never really going to get a consensus.

In Canada, however, we like to imagine the consensus is that in regards to the 'Big 4' sports, hockey players are the toughest athletes.


Fans have already seen multiple examples of how tough hockey players are during the playoffs as players have played through some crazy injuries, including ligament tears.

In terms of toughness, football players are probably right up there with hockey players.

That said, there's a former Pittsburgh Steelers player that thinks NHL players are tougher than NFL players, and he has some pretty good reasons for feeling that way:


Willie Colon enjoyed a nine-year career in the NFL playing on the offensive line for the Steelers and Jets, and he even won a Super Bowl when he was with Pittsburgh.

Offensive lineman have to be tough because they're battling in the trenches the entire game, so if anyone knows about toughness, it's Colon.


As difficult as it is to battle in the trenches, though, Colon recognizes how tough it is to battle in the corners and as hockey fans, it's pretty cool to hear someone rave about how tough the players in the NHL are.

(H/T: NBC Sports)