We've typed it many times before, but we'll type it again for all those fans out there that aren't familiar with the Vegas Golden Knights' Twitter account.

Yes, the Golden Knights haven't played a game yet, but thanks to their Twitter account, they're winning off the ice and gaining new fans every single day.

The best part about the Golden Knights on Twitter is that they aren't afraid to take shots at other teams despite their status as newcomers.

They also aren't afraid to take shots at fans and they proved that in a creative way on Tuesday when they announced the single game ticket on-sale date.

Before every Canadian hockey fan on the planet gets upset, the Golden Knights do have a point.

Quebec was the city most Canadians probably wanted to see get a team, but they didn't and we imagine most fans felts Vegas didn't deserve a team at the time.

Heck, some probably still feel that way, but others have changed their tune and a big reason why is the team's social media presence thus far.

(H/T: Vegas Golden Knights)