At this point in the Stanley Cup final, it's hard to believe one of the most talked about things is the fan who threw a catfish on the ice in the first game of the series.

The fan who threw the catfish, Jake Waddell, was kicked out of the arena and charged with a few outrageous crimes.

Waddell and the hockey world got some good news on Wednesday ahead of Game 2, though, as Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala the charges against the 36-year-old Predators fan will be dropped, as per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"Having reviewed the affidavit involving Mr. [Jacob] Waddell as well as the television coverage of the incident, District Attorney Zappala has made the determination that the actions of Mr. Waddell do not rise to the level of criminal charges,” spokesman Mike Manko said in a statement Wednesday. “As such, the three charges filed against Mr. Waddell will be withdrawn in a timely manner."

The fact that Waddell was charged in the first place was a little ridiculous, so the fact that this was all made right is nice to see.

Now fans can go back to talking about if Pekka Rinne will bounce back and help the Preds even the series or if the Pens can take a 2-0 lead, that is until another catfish is thrown on the ice.

(H/T: /r/hockey)