It's hard to believe that at 36-years-old, Henrik Zetterberg could be enjoying his best statistical season since the 2011-12 campaign if he gets one point over his final two games.

Although the Red Wings won't be in the playoffs for the first time since 1990, it's hardly Zetterberg's fault as Detroit's captain has been a model of consistency and has willed them on all season long.

Above all else, though, Zetterberg is an even better human being than hockey player, and that fact was on display Tuesday night.

During the pregame skate, as per the Ottawa Citizen, two guys named Mike and Ryan were taking pictures right up against the glass.

Courtesy of Ottawa Citizen

Ryan, who sent a message to the Ottawa Citizen detailing what happened, said Mike put his beer against the glass so they could take the pictures, and when Zetterberg was done stretching, he banged into the boards, thus spilling the beer.

Mike and Ryan got Zetterberg's attention by smashing the glass to let him know what he did, and the Detroit's captain started laughing.

He then grabbed a brand new game stick from his bench, signed it and threw it over the boards to Mike and Ryan.  The best part of this story, though, is what Zetterberg wrote on the stick.

Courtesy of Ottawa Citizen

"Sorry!  I owe you one!"

All class, and really, is anyone surprised?


Although Henrik and the Wings lost 2-0 to the Sens, this act of kindness made Zetterberg the real champ in the eyes of many fans.

(H/T: Ottawa Citizen)