One of the most exciting dates coming up in the hockey calendar is June 20th.

One day before the NHL awards and expansion draft, Adidas will be revealing their new jerseys for the upcoming season.

In the past week or so, Adidas and the NHL teams have been teasing fans with pictures of the new jerseys.

Just like the first tease, the latest one also revealed some interesting details about the jerseys of some teams.

We'll start with the Edmonton Oilers, and as per Chris Creamer of, here's the info he got from the picture the team tweeted:

"We knew about Edmonton already but it's our first good look at it, here's the new darker shade of blue. Also changing is the collar to a solid blue from orange/blue/orange, and the lettering for the name has its colours swapped."

Creamer also outlined some key details about the Flames', Avs' and Bruins' new jerseys.

Calgary Flames

"Calgary is dropping something they've had for a while, the lettering for the name will no longer be in italics. The Flames have used italics for their player names for 22 years, since the 1994-95 season."

Colorado Avalanche

"Colorado's looking great in what little we've seen so far. Here they de-Reebok the uniform, eliminating the wedge above the name and adding a silver (or white? hard to tell) stripe between the blue and the burgundy. The collar also looks to be a solid blue now rather than white/blue."

Boston Bruins

"Boston is getting a necessary tidying up on the lettering for the player name. The extra black outline is gone, now simply yellow and white."

Creamer focused on seven teams in his article, which you can read here!

While fans await the reveal of their team's jerseys, Oilers fans may not have to wait thanks to a leak.


(H/T: All jersey info, pictures and quotes​ via Chris Creamer,