Ahead of every game of the NBA finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors thus far, there has been speculation regarding whether or not two-time MVP Kevin Durant would be available to play. 

Tonight, the basketball world exploded when it broke that Durant would, in fact, be playing in the do-or-die game. 




Then, in a moment that was completely heartbreaking for any sports fan that understands how difficult it is to struggle with an injury, Durant went down in pain with an apparent leg injury.

When fans started to cheer for a fowl, not realizing that Durant got hurt on the play, fellow NBAers Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka showed amazing sportsmanship in urging the fans to quiet down.



Apparently, fans quieted down when they realized KD was hurt, and in true Canadian form, rallied behind him.






Definitely a scary moment for Durant, and weโ€™ll be cheering for his recovery.