Over the years, we’ve seen certain celebrities and athletes show their allegiances to certain sports teams. Mike Trout is a noted Philadelphia Eagles fan, Vince Vaughn is a Blackhawks diehard, and Drake likes just about anyone that’s popular or in the spotlight.

The Vegas Golden Knights are the latest sports team to hit North America, and with their NHL surprising 8-1-0 record, their starting to raise some eyebrows in a city that is always flooded with celebrities.

On Friday night in Vegas, rapper Lil’ Jon joined the AT&T SportsNet intermission report, and professed his love for hockey, and more so the Golden Knights.

The rapper hails from Atlanta, and was a diehard Thrashers fan before the team moved to Winnipeg.

The 46-year-old, who's real name is Jonathan Smith, said he became enamored with the sport ever since he started watching it back when the Atlanta Flames were still a team. The Flames left A-town in 1980.

The “King of Crunk” says Vegas has become his second home, and that he even once drove the Stanley Cup around the city while it sat in his passenger’s seat. Lil' Jon and his fellow Golden Knights fans are hoping that the team is able to keep up their hot start when they embark on a six-game road trip.

(h/t Vegas Golden Knights)