Free Agent Frenzy is one of the most exciting days of the year for fans. Similar to the trade deadline, fans are chomping at the bit in hopes that their team will make the necessary moves to put themselves in a better position. Some teams come out winners (*Cough* New York Rangers), and others come out losers (*Cough* New York Islanders).

It’s not just exciting for the fans, however. It’s an exciting day for the players as well. Unrestricted free agents are often highly touted, and as Mats Zuccarello explains, it feels like you’re the prettiest girl at the ball.



While it sounds like Zuccarello was hearing all the right things from multiple teams, it was the Minnesota Wild that successfully attained his services in the end. However, we’re thinking it may have been more to do with the money than the verbal courtship.



Uhhhhh, okay then. Is it just us or is that… a strange approach to the conversation?

It’s not just us.



(H/T Twitter/Minnesota Wild)