It’s playoff season baby!!!! Bring on the beards!!!! Well, except for maybe Mitch Marner.

It’s become well documented at this point that the 21-year-old can’t really grow facial flow. Three years into his NHL season (and third playoff appearance) and low and behold, there’s still not much there. Despite his inability to grow facial hair, Marner still managed to lead the Leafs with 94 points and it’s kind of crazy to think he’ll be getting paid $10 + million (in all likelihood) considering all he can grow is peach fuzz. He fielded a question regarding his attempt to grow a beard this spring and came back with a quality answer.

Marner making progress with playoff beard: 'The peach fuzz gets heavier now'

Uh… ya, might have a lengthy stain on your upper lip if you try to use dye Mitch!

With former general manager Lou Lamoriello out of town, the doors are open for players to just grow’em out. While Mitch (along with some other players) are going to find themselves struggling to still grow any, other Leaf players are way ahead of the game. How ‘bout that Jake Muzzin guy, whose is giving Joe Thornton’s a run for its money.

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Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

Could not be more of a difference between the two.

With a bare face, Marner still managed to be the best Leaf player on the ice in Game 1 with 2 goals and a +3 rating in the team’s 4-1 win. If the Leafs can finally get past Boston in the first round, we might finally get to see how thick Marner’s facial hair can actually get…

… Or should we say peach fuzz?