This year’s NHL All-Star Game is right around the corner as this year’s all-stars arrived in San Jose on Thursday to kick off media day and fans came ready to go as if it was another game night.

As the players from each team were introduced to the fans in attendance, one player in particular ended up receiving his fair share of boo’s from the fans and, surprisingly, it wasn’t a player from the Pacific Division. During the Atlantic Division’s player introductions, Toronto Maple Leafs forward John Tavares heard it from the crowd.

If you remember, the San Jose Sharks were one of the final teams in the running for John Tavares during the offseason and many fans thought that he might decide to join them over his hometown Maple Leafs. Clearly Sharks fans didn’t forget about his choice and they made sure to let him hear it the first chance they got.

(H/T Reddit/Hockey)