The one question every Raptors fan wants the answer to as soon as possible is will Kawhi Leonard sign a long-term deal with the Raptors.

The 27-year-old was traded to the Raptors earlier this summer, but everyone thinks he has his sights set on Los Angeles after this season, meaning he'll be in Toronto for just one season.

In situations like this, any little piece of news is going to elicit a reaction from fans and that was the case when Peter Yannopoulos of RDS reported that Kawhi is buying, not renting a house in Toronto.

There were a couple of reactions to this report, joy from fans who think Leonard has a much better chance of staying because he bought a house and frustration/sarcasm from fans who think it means absolutely nothing:

The good news is the Raptors have time to convince Kawhi that Toronto is not only an incredible city to play in, but a place in which he can compete for a championship year in and year out.

The bad news is that until he signs on the dotted line, these reports are going to drive Raptors fans crazy.

(H/T: Peter Yannopoulos)