Switzerland head coach Christian Wohlwend became a viral sensation at last year’s World Juniors when he went on an honest rant about how much deeper Canada’s pool of talent is compared to the Swiss and how much better they are than them at hockey. This year, he’s back behind the Swiss bench, only he’s got a lot more confidence in his team this time around.

Last year, Canada crushed Switzerland 8-2 in their lone meeting in the tournament, but this year’s meeting was a different story.

The Canadians still ended up defeating the Swiss in this year’s tournament, but they only escaped with a one-goal victory as Switzerland held Canada to just three goals on 32 shots. Following the game, Wohlwend met with the media and had nothing but good things to say about his team this time around as he was extremely proud of their effort against the reigning champions.

Considering Canada scored 14 goals on 45 shots against Denmark on Wednesday night and were only held to three on Thursday, Wohlwend has every right to be as pleased as he was with his team’s performance despite coming out on the losing end of things.