The New England Patriots will do anything to win.


Bill Belichick’s troops made their way to Texas for Sunday night’s prime time game and it turned out to be quite the process. An illness spread through the locker room so what did the Pats decide to do? Fly two separate planes to Houston; one with the healthy players and one with the ill players. Nine players were questionable for last night’s game due to sickness.


Find an owner like Robert Kraft who will do that for his guys. What a gem!

Perhaps it’s time for more teams to start using this method (if they can afford it). Remember when the mumps were going around the NHL? And Sidney Crosby looked like Glen Quagmire?


NE ultimately fell to the Texans 28-22 but at least they should be healthy heading into their huge week 14 tilt with the Kansas City Chiefs. Props to Mr. Kraft for being a huge Mr. Step Up!

(H/T Field Yates)