There’s nothing wrong with showing your love for your favourite team by getting a tattoo in their honour. However, when you turn that tattoo into a prediction, then there’s a problem.

Every year some loyal fan thinks it’s a good idea to predict that their team is going to win it all and show how serious they really are by getting a tattoo involving their championship prediction.

We haven’t seen these preseason predictions pay off for any loyal fans just yet, so we’re going to go ahead and say that the Tennessee Titans are in trouble this upcoming season strictly based off this loyal Titans fan’s latest ink.

Everything about the tattoo is nicely done, except for the fact that he’s predicting a division championship and actually got it tattooed. We’re not saying the Titans can’t win their division, we’ve just never seen anyone get that excited about the thought of winning the division.

We’ve seen fans go all in and get things like ‘Super Bowl Champions’ or 'World Series Champions' tattooed before it even happens, but this one is a little odd because he clearly has faith in them to win their division but not the Super Bowl. Perhaps this fan is just hoping for a playoff appearance since it’s been nearly a decade since the last time the Titans advanced to the postseason.

(H/T For The Win)