Sports fans don’t agree on much. 

There’s a million ways to argue about sports, and pretty much every opinion you can have also has a flipside that could be argued until the cows come home. 

Something most sports fans can agree on, though? Everybody likes to flip out on a referee after a blatantly terrible call. 

Tonight in the WNBA, people got to do just that. 

The Chicago Sky was in the midst of a game against the Washington Mystics when the Sky’s Astou Ndour was holding her arm and bumped into the referee, who wasn’t paying attention and bumped right into her. 

What followed was some Oscar-worthy dramatics. 



Ndour received an immediate a technical and a prompt ejection, but the Twitter police went in on this ref hard enough that he probably wishes he had put his whistle away for this one. 








The call held up, and the Sky lost this one 100-86 to the 25-8 Mystics. We imagine this isn’t the last the ref we’ll hear of this one, though. 


(H/T: Twitter/niendorf21