Artificial intelligence is sweeping it’s way across the world and demonstrating all sorts of uses to (hopefully) better mankind. Whether this is through making workplaces more efficient, assisting in writing and script projects, or drafting an NHL23 team, AI has changed the way we live.

Side note… Beware, goaltenders… AI IS COMING FOR YOU!

We enlisted the help of Banting Memorial High School and their supremely impressive robotics team in an effort to create a full automatic, AI powered robot goalie. It’s a project that has been literally years in the making, and it was so exciting to see Banting put together Goalia – the robot goalie.

When it came time to actually hit the ice, Goalia did not disappoint.

Featuring two kick-save functions, a fully mobile glove and blocker hand, and a puck-tracking device that allows it to react in real time, Goalia kicked Vince out of the crease to star as the BarDown goalie for a game. Check out the results:



While the opposing team managed to find some weak spots (screening the goalie, being the most effective), Goalia still managed to make some incredible saves and kept the squad in it until late in the game.

On top of that, the 7th goal against was some CLEAR goaltender interference. We have the tape to prove it!

While it wasn’t the greatest goalie performance we’ve ever seen, it wasn’t the worst either. After the game, Goalia seemed to have no issue in terms of confidence.

Vince may take back his crease, but he better play up to standards. There’s a hungry backup waiting in the reeds.