Fortnite celebrations have been adopted by pretty much every sport by this point. But a team you’d least expect managed to pull off a few of the dances to perfection.

The track and field team of Alfred State, a small tech school located in Alfred, New York, simultaneously gave them a try and produced a pretty impressive piece of content. Watch, as they moved forward together while jogging and waggling their arms in the air.


Not sure if anyone noticed the runner on the left, but she struggled just a tiny bit.

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Alfred State/Instagram

Numerous athletes have already whipped out some of the dances. After hitting a double, Boston Red Sox outfielder Xander Bogaerts busted out the ‘L’.

USHL defenceman Marshall Rifal took his to the next level after scoring an incredible game-winning goal in a shootout for the Des Moines Buccaneers.



What’s better the goal or the celebration? . . . (via @howieshockeytape / @bucshockey)

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There's even a celebration that was practically made for Conor McGregor for crying out loud!



Looks familiar... #Fortnite #ConorMcGregor

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Fortnite has been running for some time now and hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down. Expect more athletes to perform these celebrations as the craze continues to take over the video game world.

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