If you haven’t heard of Hot Ones, welcome to your new favourite YouTube show.

The concept is simple; the host, Sean Evans, sits down with movie stars, musicians, athletes, or other celebrities and gets them to eat hot wings. Really, really hot wings.

It’s also formatted in a way that the wing sauces – 10 in total – get spicier and spicier as the casual interview moves along. This allows for Sean to tear down the walls in a way, and sometimes gets some pretty great answers that an interviewer may not otherwise get. That’s what a little distress will do!

Some of the subjects are relatively reserved, others are extremely eccentric, but they definitely got one subject that is possibly more unique than the rest. He’s over 7 feet tall, he weighs over 300lbs, and he says things that nobody else does.

His name is Shaq, and he’s thoroughly entertaining.

From chatting about nicknaming Paul Pierce, to being the buyer in Wal-Mart’s largest singular purchase – approximately $70,000 – Shaq gave a very unique interview on Hot Ones.




Just like during his One Chip Challenge, Shaq was determined not to “make a face” (which is a very vague self-challenge). Here’s a look at that moment.



What do you think, did he make a face?

(H/T First We Feast)