The NHL playoffs are all about playing through injuries, or at the very least attempting to play through injuries.

Already we've seen multiple players play through or attempt to play through some ridiculous injuries, and their battle scars and bruises show that.


One of the most notable injuries a player has suffered in the postseason thus far was the one Zach Werenski suffered in the first round against the Penguins.

Werenski took a puck to the face, got stitched up, came back and only left the game again because his eye swelled shut.

Why is that injury relevant now?  Well, P.K. Subban recently talked about blocking a shot with his face for his teammates, and Werenski had the perfect response to the quote.

We hope Subban doesn't block a shot with his face when the Predators face the Ducks Friday night in Game 1 of the Western Conference final because we want to see him out on the ice doing what he does best.

(H/T: Zach Werenski)