The NHL season is over, but there are still so many things for hockey fans to look forward to in the coming weeks.

The expansion draft is obviously the most notable event on the list as the Vegas Golden Knights will be taking players from the other 30 NHL teams and announcing their picks on June 21st at the NHL awards.

The expansion draft process, however, is a lot more complicated than that and over the course of the next week, you'll see a lot of tweets about protected and unprotected players, no-move clauses and buyouts.

Luckily for hockey fans, Bob McKenzie took the time to explain some rules and deadlines you need to know about ahead of the expansion draft.

So, based on all of that info, the Dion Phaneuf news that came out Tuesday may make more sense to those that were a little confused.

Some of the rules are definitely a little confusing, but things will become clearer once protection lists are submitted and then released on Sunday June 18th.

Until then, take a shot at building the Golden Knights with TSN's expansion draft simulator.

(H/T: Bob McKenzie)