EA Sports revealed the brand new NHL Threes gameplay trailer for NHL 18 on Wednesday afternoon.

The new feature allows gamers to play in three-on-three competitions with the opportunity to use the team mascots as a player on their team. The trailer featured mascots from across the league, including Los Angeles Kings mascot Bailey.

However, as cool as it is to be featured in a video game, his clip wasn’t exactly the greatest for him.

(Video via EA Sports)

As you can see in the trailer, Bailey gets absolutely crushed by Subban who lays out the Kings’ mascot with a massive hip check.

After seeing the trailer, Bailey had some words for the Predators’ defenceman and reached out to him on Twitter.

Subban did not let his comments go unnoticed as he replied back and told Bailey who to take it up with.

Gnash hasn’t responded to Subban’s comment just yet, but Bailey sure did.

Looks like the two of them will have to settle their differences in a game of NHL Threes.

(H/T Twitter/PKSubban1)