The Toronto Raptors are more of a force than ever in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, but fans of the team will argue that they still aren’t getting the respect they deserve. Toronto is 1st in the East with just six games remaining in the season, but that won’t take away from the “Us against Them” attitude Raptors’ fan have now ingrained into their identity.

The reasons come from all corners of the map. American television coverage doesn’t give the Raptors much credit (let alone airtime, but that is simply because a Canadian market offers very little monetary advantage to an American market), and on top of that Raptors fans will say that analysis in general, player rankings (DeMar #46, anyone?), and even imbalance in officiating is contributing to the underdog status of a top team.

Every year they continue to succeed is another year where they claw a little respect, and the Raps’ faithful will be happy to hear that one of the most popular, and longest running shows of all-time gave a direct shout out to the North.


Not sure how Drake would feel about Krusty essentially claiming he’s the mascot of the team. Spike Lee is a famous movie director, but he’s also become known for his undying fandom to the New York Knicks. The season ticket holder can be seen at more home games than not, and he often gives his two-cents on Knicks related matters. He even dapped up LaVar Ball when the two found each other on the sidelines.


It’s too bad Krusty didn’t announce some sort of success in the upcoming playoffs, they have quite a history of predicting the future. Raptors fans could use a little something extra to cheer about now that their team is more legitimized than ever.

(H/T Daily Hive)