For the first time since 1997, the classic Hartford Whalers uniform has made its return to NHL action. The Carolina Hurricanes will wear their old Whalers sweaters twice this season in a pair of Whalers Nights promos, with the first being held during Sunday’s game against the Bruins.



The Whalers are baaaaack! @bardown • (🎥: @nhlcanes)

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However, while the Whalers and their green sweaters were beloved by fans, the Hurricanes’ use of the jersey hasn’t been met with the same response. While some fans are certainly excited to see the jerseys brought back, there has also been some backlash, especially among fans based in Hartford, amidst some lingering resentment to the team’s move.

Governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut decided to weigh in on the controversy as well, retweeting the Hurricanes with a rather decisive comment.

Malloy joins a growing contingent of fans to speak out against the “revival” of the Whalers in Carolina. That group even includes Glen Wesley, the former NHLer who played for both the Whalers and the Hurricanes, and came out firmly on Hartford’s side of things.


The second Whalers Night is planned for March 5, when the Hurricanes go on the road against the Bruins. While the event has generated some strong displeasure already, there are also many fans that are eager to see these classic jerseys back in action, so we’ll see if the backlash becomes significant enough to cause any action.

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