The Nashville "Smashville" Predators are one of the quickest growing markets in the NHL. Last postseason the Preds rode their 8th place seeding all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they ended up losing to the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins. While the loss stung, the fan atmosphere created at Bridgestone Arena is a lasting one that won't be going away anytime soon.

One element of the Preds' home games that has become a fan favourite is the Smash Car. The idea is pretty simple. Smashville citizens (Nashville fans) basically just try their best to wreck a car that has a paint job themed after their playoff opposition. 

Now they're playing the Winnipeg Jets, and they decided to acknowledge this by using a different vehicle for their baseball bat destruction - a plane - and the paint job is officially finished. 

That's right, it even features an Atlanta Thrashers logo on it. Either way, it doesn't appear like the Jets are letting it bug them very much.

(H/T Twitter/@gcgrwarren)