Oftentimes, sports run in the family.

Parents who dominate in their respective sports often raise kids who do the same, and sometimes, like in the case of Keith Tkachuk, you raise multiple.

At this point in both of their young careers, everyone knows the Tkachuk brothers. The curly-haired duo of gritty, but skilled hockey players have made their mark on the NHL with their physical style of play, their on-ice production, and their lovable personalities.



They’re not the only siblings thats making a mark on the hockey world, though.

Their sister, Taryn Tkachuk, is absolutely dominating high school hockey.

Field hockey, that is. 

The Villa Duchesne sophomore, who has been named All-Metro field hockey player of the year and is a reigning State Champion, spoke to STL High School Sports  about her success and her family’s deep ties with hockey.



“(My father) has to be in town for every game,” she explained  “Sometimes, I hear my dad yelling, ‘keep your stick on the ice!’ and I’m like, ‘I’m playing field hockey,’ but he’s a very big help. He knows what to do, and he gives me a lot of pointers.”



The Tkachuk family is obviously a very talented bunch, and we’re wondering if Taryn can throw the body around and get under her opponent’s skin the same way her brothers and father can.

(H/T: STLhighschoolsports.com)