It's a debate as old as the game itself: who has the coolest jersey in professional hockey history?

Fans, players, and teams have argued this until the cows come home, and we at BarDown have been known to be very involved in the jersey ranking game.




But what's the coolest, most stylish hockey jersey of them all? We're just hockey fans, not fashion experts, so we can't exactly give the most official opinion. Virgil Abloh definitely could, though.

Abloh is the mastermind begind the wildly successful Off-White brand, and has been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear collection since 2018. So if anyone knows fashion, it is most definitely him.

Abloh was rocking a Whalers jersey while in Germany this week, so we definitely think that earns this design some serious cred when it comes to being one of the most fashionable in hockey.





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This jersey is definitely one that gets brought up a lot when we chat about the best jerseys in the game, and one of the most genius fashion minds in the world rocking it definitely says a lot.


(HT Virgil Abloh)