The old saying goes “It’s always bigger in Texas”. That certainly holds true when you begin talking about this specialty food item that the Texas Rangers are planning on selling at the ball park this year.

Chicken tenders. Crazy, right?

Okay, a little more information may be needed to truly blow your mind. These chicken tenders, sold as a single tender each, will be absolutely massive.

Named the “Fowl Pole”, each tender will weigh approximately two pounds. According to Darren Rovell, that’s not all. It comes with dipping sauces, waffle fries, and even its own “carrying case”.



How much would something like this cost? Honestly, not all that much when you consider lots of other stadium prices…



These ballpark snacks are getting more and more ridiculous, but honestly people seem kind of excited for this one.



(H/T Darren Rovell)